Kevin Smith’s Buddy Christ Memorial Heart Trophy

Kevin Smith’s Buddy Christ Memorial Heart Trophy┬áis the championship trophy awarded annually to the View Askew Street Hockey League team that places first after the conclusion of the Deb Lamont Memorial Tournament held in Brantford, Ontario.







2017 Champions: Moose Jaws

# Nat Player
0 Canada Mike Schell (Goalie)
2 Canada Ryan Townsend
7 Canada Jeff Mader (C)
10 Canada Patty Meo-Sager
13 Canada Adam King
23 Canada John Cartmel
24 Canada Tom Homer
168 Canada Justin Biehn (A)
200 Canada Dakota Davey

2016 Champions: Salsa Sharks

# Nat Player
3 Canada Thomas Penninga
3 United States of America John Blando
7 Canada Shane Micher
7 Canada May Guthro
15 Canada Kyle Demaria (Goalie)
29 Canada Shaun Gamble
74 United States of America Steve “Tank” Chauby
77 Canada Jody Simpson (C)
91 Canada Tom Stright
93 Canada Paul Carraro