Eden Prairie Mallrats

The Eden Prairie Mallrats are an international street hockey team. They are members of the VASHL.

The organization has been renamed several times, eventually settling on Eden Prairie Mallrats in late 2012. Earlier iterations of the franchise included The Laffs in 2010, Red State Raiders in 2011 and the original Hit Somebody! Hitmen in 2012.

As of 2017, the Mallrats are tied with the View Askew Vulgarians and the Clerks for the most Walter Gretzky Cup championships (2) won of any VASHL franchise.

The team theme and imagery are largely based on the 1995 film, Mallrats, written and directed by Kevin Smith.

Mallrats was filmed inside the Eden Prairie Center Mall in Minnesota. Smith decided to film the movie at this mall (which in the movie, is referred to by its actual name, but is supposed to be located in New Jersey) after various malls (including the Monmouth Mall in Eatontown, New Jersey, and the now closed Bannister Mall in Kansas City, Missouri) objected to content in the film, and refused to allow the production to be shot there. The Eden Prairie Mallrats wear the colors of the former Minnesota North Stars to pay homage to this fact.

They are one of the four VASHL franchises that take part in the Walter Gretzky Street Hockey Tournament as well as the September Classic, along with the Salsa Sharks, Moose Jaws and Wally’s Warriors.



Eden Prairie Mallrats
Founded 2010
Established 2011
History The Laffs (pre-VASHL)
Red State Raiders
Hit Somebody! Hitmen
Eden Prairie Mallrats
View Askew Inspiration Mallrats
Mallrats Jersey
Colors Fun green, lightning yellow, black and white
Words I love the smell of commerce in the morning!
Mascot Brodie Rat
Facebook Page Facebook.com/Mallrats
Captain Dave Mader
Walter Gretzky Cups (2013, 2014)
WGSHT Medals  2
Lady Ming Trophies 0
Buddy Christ Memorial Heart Trophies 0


2017 Roster

# Nat Player
3 Canada Court Weaver
9 Canada Gerry McRae (A)
10 Canada Mike Caputo (A)
11 Canada Bergeron, PatricAndrew Lewkowicz
25 Canada Dave Mader (C)
33 Canada Linda Madden-Loveday
43 Canada Bartkowski, MattSteve Wilson
88 United Kingdom Gillian Frederick
93 Canada Ryan Verdone
95 Canada Sean McKenna
187 Canada Brad Loveday
420 United Kingdom Benny Graves (Goalie)

Mallrats Banner

Team Captains

  • Dave Mader, 2017-present
  • Jeff Mader, 2015-2016
  • Dave Mader, 2013-2014
  • Darryl Clarke and Dave Mader, 2012
  • Darryl Clarke and Gavin ap’Morrygan, 2011
  • Angela Robson, 2010

Tournament-by-Tournament Record

2017 4 2 2 0 0 15 13 6th
2016 4 2 1 1 0 22 13 6th
2015 4 2 2 0 0 14 13 6th
2014 4 4 0 0 0 17 8 1st
2013 5 5 0 0 0 34 11 1st
2012 5 2 3 0 0 15 15 2nd
2011 4 1 3 0 0 22 30 5th
2010 3 0 2 1 0 3 18 N/A*
Total 33 18 13 2 0 142 121



Eden Prairie Mallrats Games


Team History

Let me tell you about a team with an identity crisis: The Eden Prairie Mallrats.

Now you may be asking who are the Mallrats? Well, let me tell you. This is a team that has evolved many times and it is survival of the fittest, baby!

It began with a dream. It was more of a daydream really but I’m sure you understand. This dream was to play ball hockey with Kevin Smith and all of his amazing friends.

Following the formation of the View Askew Street Hockey League in 2009, there were many Kevin fans who wanted to be part of it. The problem was they had no idea where to start. They weren’t members of the message board and they had never played poker at the stash. They had no juice whatsoever.

The following year, a small group of eager beavers from southern Ontario decided to pursue their dream of becoming VASHL champions. Unfortunately, there was no room on any of the teams at the time. This band of hopefuls were not discouraged. Instead, they played anyway in the tournament’s recreation division as “The Laffs”.

At this point, the team franchise was founded by Dave Mader, Gillian Frederick, Jeff Mader and Angela Robson.

They finished with a disappointing record of 0-2-1. They couldn’t even afford real jerseys and had to resort to red, yellow and black ice hockey sweaters with a demented cyborg cat as their crest. Although they got their asses kicked, they did get their first taste of the sweet pudding that is View Askew. They got to meet a lot of great people and had a blast.

For the 2011 season, most member of the group formerly known as “The Laffs” continued on their quest to become official VASHL players. They were recruited in tandem with other long-time VASHL veterans by our legendary Commissioner, Darryl Clarke. Under his guidance they formed a new mash-up franchise known as the “Red State Raiders”, in honour of Kevin’s upcoming film. They wore red and white with stylized euro-trash advertisements. The team was co-captained by Clarke and Gavin ap’Morrygan. They played their hearts out but finished with a record of 1-3 in round robin. It didn’t matter though. They had popped their cherry. Nobody was laughing at the “Laffs” anymore. They were now living their dream.

The following season, Clarke in his ultimate wisdom, decided to re-brand the team. This time going by the name “Hit Somebody! Hitmen” in anticipation of a Kevin Smith movie that was never made but could possibly one day be a miniseries. This time the team wore red, white and black. Clarke then recruited Dave Mader, one of the original “Laffs”, as his co-captain – possibly marking one of the greatest decisions of his storied career. The Hitmen finished with a record of 1-2 in round robin. They would advance for the first time to the playoff round of the tournament, and won the semi-final in a shootout against the Vulgarians with a magical goal by ap’Morrygan. The Hitmen would go on to lose in the final to the Leonardo Reapers in a close 4-3 game.

Clarke then ceded the captaincy to Mader, who did a little rebranding of his own, and renamed the team once again as the “Eden Prairie Mallrats” inspired by the 1995 Kevin Smith movie and Eden Prairie, Minnesota, where it was filmed. Paying homage to the Minnesota North Star made a lot of sense and the team now wears green, yellow, white and black. Willam Black is seen in Mallrats struggling to find a sailboat within a autostereogram. At the end of the film, he snaps after being unsuccessful in finding the sailboat. However, it is revealed in the conclusion that Willam eventually found the sailboat, although Willam himself seems surprised. The sail boat appears as as a shoulder patch on the team’s jerseys as an Easter Egg for this.

In 2013 and 2014, they won back-to-back league championships.

Dave Mader passed the captaincy to his brother, Jeff Mader, following the 2014 tournament. Jeff passed it back to Dave in 2017 when Jeff left to begin an expansion franchise, the Moose Jaws.

Team Logos

The Laffs Red State Raiders OG Mallrats
The Laffs Logo
Red State Raiders Logo
Hit Somebody! Hitmen Logo
Main Team Logo
“Willam Rat”
Mallrats Shoulder Patch 2015
Main Team Logo
“Brodie Rat”
Shoulder Patch



All-Time Player Appearances with Eden Prairie Mallrats (Franchise)

Nat Player Team Debut Tournament
GP Notes
Canada Dave Mader 2010 8 33 Franchise Founding Member
Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Team Captain: 2012-14
Alt. Cap: 2010, 2015-
Canada Jeff Mader 2010 8 30 Franchise Founding Member
Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Team Captain: 2015-
Alt. Cap: 2013-14
Canada Gerry McRae 2011 7 27 Franchise Founding Member
Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Alt. Cap: 2013-14
United Kingdom Gillian Frederick 2010 7 27 Franchise Founding Member
Tournament Champion: 2014
Alt. Cap: 2010
Canada Ryan Verdone 2011 7 25 Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Canada Sean McKenna 2013 5 21 Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Canada Andrew Lewkowicz 2013 5 20 Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Canada Mike Caputo 2013 5 18 Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Alt. Cap: 2015-
United States of America Gavin ap’Morrygan 2011 4 11 VASHL First 44
Franchise Founding Member
Tournament Champion: 2013
Team Captain: 2011
Alt. Cap: 2012
United States of America Jim Edelston 2011 3 14 Franchise Founding Member
Tournament Champion: 2013
Alt. Cap: 2013
Canada Steve Wilson 2013 3 13 Tournament Champion: 2013, 2014
Team Goalie: 2013-
Canada Court Weaver 2014 3 12 Tournament Champion: 2014
Canada Luke Bennink 2011 2 9
Canada Ashley Bourguignon 2014 2 8 Tournament Champion: 2014
United Kingdom Benny Graves 2016 2 8 Team Goalie: 2016-2017
Canada Brad Loveday 2016 2 8
Canada Linda Madden-Loveday 2016 2 8
Canada Darryl Clarke 2011 2 7 VASHL First 44
Franchise Founding Member
Team Captain: 2011-12
Canada Steve Vasey 2010 2 7
Canada Chris Gale 2012 1 5 Team Goalie: 2012
Canada ‘Old’ Steve Kertesz 2013 1 5 Tournament Champion: 2013
Canada Kyle Richardson 2013 1 5 Tournament Champion: 2013
Canada Mike Van Eck 2011 1 4
United States of America Jake Baillie 2010 1 3
Canada Stephen Noddin 2015 1 3
India Rohan Pinto 2012 1 3
United States of America Angela Robson 2010 1 3 Franchise Founding Member
Team Captain: 2010
Team Goalie: 2010
Canada Paul Saunders 2011 1 3 VASHL First 44
Alt. Cap: 2011
Canada Alina Ticknor 2010 1 3
Canada Jason Ticknor 2010 1 3
Canada Malcolm Wyatt 2010 1 3
Canada Morgan Wyatt 2010 1 3
United States of America Mark Bell 2011 1 2 VASHL First 44
Team Goalie: 2011
Canada Michelle Brunetti 2011 1 2
United States of America James Elkins 2011 1 2
United States of America James McCutcheon 2011 1 2 VASHL First 44
Team Goalie: 2011
Canada Tyler Nadeau 2011 1 2
Canada Michael Mayers 2012 1 1
Canada 28
United States of America 7
United Kingdom 2
India 1
Total 38